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The Eagle Has Landed



I'm home. After another overly indulgent flight, this one in Swiss Air business class, I am in Chicago. The memories of all the food, alcohol, and pampering will never be matched by any other flight I will ever take. Everyone has to experience travel like that at least once.

Until the next trip.


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20 hours in Switzerland


What's with all the clocks? Every building has one. I arrived in Zurich at 5 today and have a non-stop flight to Chicago at 1 pm tomorrow. Back to reality:(

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Goodbye, Columbus...I mean Spain.

Columbus is pointing the way home
He suggests I travel by galleon.

Actually, I leave Barcelona tomorrow for Zurich, Switzerland so I can catch my flight to Chicago on Tuesday.

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A Day at the Beach


I reached my limit of cathedrals and museums. Today, after sleeping in and having a relaxing breakfast, I walked a long stretch of the beach. Most of it runs along the Olympic Village from 1992 and includes a Frank Gehry, gigantic metal fish.


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Where are Mickey and Minnie?


Every block in Barcelona seems to have has some interesting building. This Disney castle-like is the Conseratory of Music.

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